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Rawhide Meats Processing and Butchering in Jamestown, CA

There’s nothing like adventuring in the great outdoors. You feel at one with nature and enjoy that slight feeling of survival that comes along with it.

You’re not exactly looking to hunt while you’re in the wilderness. But you want the food you bring with you to resemble what it would be like if you were hunting.

Rawhide Meats Processing and Butchering in Jamestown, CA
Rawhide Meats Processing and Butchering in Jamestown, CA

If you want to bring organic meat on your next camping outing, visit Rawhide Meats Processing and Butchering. They’re a great butcher’s store with a wide selection of meats that you can choose from. Read on to learn more about them.

Rawhide Meats Processing and Butchering

Rawhide Meats Processing and Butchering is a local butcher shop in Jamestown, CA. They serve organic and high-quality meat cuts, which include:

  • beef
  • pork
  • lamb
  • sausage
  • venison
  • elk
  • bison

They also have items like; Olive Oil, Jams & Jellies,Rubs & Spices,Honey, & Homemade Pies

It’s an excellent resource for farmers who raise their livestock. They can come and get their meats processed here. If you’re interested in wild game meats such as venison or boar, you can purchase them here too.

Rawhide Meats Processing and Butchering is also part of the Farms of Tuolumne County (FOTC). It’s an organization that supports the growth of local agriculture through marketing and education.

Contact them here –

Retail Shop  (209) 984-3609 Processing Shop 209-984-5814

They aim to create a locally sourced sustainable system. The agricultural boost can have an economic impact on Tuolumne County and its farmers.

Why You Should Eat Organic Meats

When you see a label on a food package that says “organic,” you probably wonder what makes it organic. Organic meats are processed differently than non-organic meats.

During processing, organic meats do not come in contact with any substance that could “contaminate” the product. Farmers need to follow strict production guidelines for raising organic livestock before sending their animals for processing. Here’s what’s included in raising organic livestock.


Farmers raise the livestock in an environment that is very similar to what it would be in nature. So the animals need to have spacing, access to clean water and be able to get direct sunlight.

Animal Health

For good animal health, nutrition and low-stress environments are essential. Ranchers can use vaccines to help prevent any viruses that may arise in the livestock. But they cannot use antibiotics and growth hormones.


Animals like sheep, goats, and cattle, can graze when it’s grazing season. They cannot be in a confined space with concrete floors or eat in food lots filled with dirt.

Organic Feeding

Whether it’s their feed or grass, livestock food needs to be organically grown and processed. Farmers cannot add GMO products or non-organic substances to their food.

Get Fresh Meat For Your Next Adventure

The next time you visit Rawhide Meats Processing and Butchering, grab some organic meat. As you can see, the strict regimen organic livestock goes through ensures that the product is healthy. Because the meat is so fresh, you’ll truly feel like you were the hunter.

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