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Knights Ferry Rafting by Sunshine Rafting Adventures

Summer will be here before you know it! The sooner you plan your family fun, the better!

Looking to try something new and a bit different, but still want that all-important quality time with your family? How about rafting down the Stanislaus River in Knights Ferry with Sunshine Rafting Adventures? It’s a great way to work on your family’s communication and team building skills, not to mention a wonderful time in the outdoors.

Typical trips are 3 to 4 hours, and are provided with everything you need including a ride back to where you parked!

Sunshine Rafting Adventures In Knights Ferry, CA
Sunshine Rafting Adventures In Knights Ferry, CA

Sunshine Rafting Adventures has been doing rafting trips for over 25 years and judging by their Yelp Profile people love them. Check out their website for all your Knights Ferry Rafting needs. You can also visit their Twitter, and Facebook pages. You can email them here – Info@RaftAdventure.com or call 1-800-829-7238 / 1-209-848-4800.

Book online here – Prices are typically $24.00 – 29.00

When you go on your rafting adventure, be sure to wear clothes that can get wet, and leave your valuables in your car or at home. Cell phones, jewelry, earrings, watches, expensive sunglasses, etc. tend to get lost in the water. Once they are gone they are gone.

Also remember to bring water (a camel pack is perfect and can be worn under your life jacket), sunscreen and some snacks.

Children as young as five are allowed to go on rafting trips during low water flow times. At high water flow times, the minimum age is 8-years-old.

While Sunshine Rafting Adventures would prefer that rafters did not drink alcohol, there are no stated rules against it.

Make sure to ask about upgrades. They have some cool options like bus rides, train rides and some catered meals for groups.

Here is the Knights Ferry Rafting tour synopsis:

  1. Knights Ferry – This is where your trip begins! Knights Ferry itself is an excellent place to explore before or after your trip. Among the town’s attractions are an old ice cream shop, a general store, a flour mill that is over 150 years old, and of course, the covered bridge!
  2. Russian Rapids – Hold on to your hats! Russian Rapids is a class II rapid that provides excitement, yet is still perfect for those new to rafting! Rolling “haystacks” of water provide a challenge in the first mile of your trip!
  3. The Two Bluffs – Lava flows have created a unique alley where the river cuts between two cliffs that rise sharply on both sides of the river. During the summer months cliff swallows call this area their home, and you can get a close up look at hundreds of their mud-nests that dot the cliffs. This area is also a popular cliff jumping area- but we don’t recommend it!
  4. Lovers Leap – To the left of the river a sheer rock wall with an odd peak juts out against the California sky. Tale has it that many years ago a Native American land dispute led a chieftain’s son and a warring chieftain’s daughter to jump off of this cliff into the water below to prove their love. We would kindly ask that you not follow suit as the drop is more than 200 feet.
  5. Throw Rapid – The Stanislaus River’s sneak attack! At this point in the Stanislaus, the river takes a sharp right turn, followed by a sharp left. Those who aren’t paying attention will find themselves face to face (literally) with the low hanging branches. Stop just downstream of this to watch other unknowing groups scramble to avoid the trees! We recommend staying river left.
  6. Horseshoe Park – An excellent place to picnic or just stop for a break. The park itself sprawls over nearly ½ mile and has picnic tables, restrooms, a parking lot and access point, as well as a campground that can be reserved through the Corp of Engineers.
  7. Honolulu Bar – Access to this is often hard to spot, although it too provides river access. Picnic tables are here as well- but the main thing to know about this spot is the fork in the river- be prepared to go left or plan to do some up-river paddling!
  8. Orange Blossom – nestled 8.5 miles from Knights Ferry, this beautiful park has multiple picnic areas which you can rent out ahead of time. Acres of green grass shaded under trees provides a place to play volleyball, eat, or just unwind after your trip. A great place to have Sunshine do your catering so you have a warm meal ready when you arrive!
Knights Ferry Rafting
Knights Ferry Rafting