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Vacation Rentals in Sonora CA

Sonora Vacation Rentals

Everyday after a hard day’s work we return home for the comfort and peace that prevails in our own space but often the same look of our home becomes monotonous and no longer provides us with the same serenity. When this feeling starts to sink in, one must realize that it’s time for a vacation.

When planning a vacation, a person looks for the comfort of their own personal space. ‘A home away from home’ is what pleases the mind the most. Nowadays, fancy hotels in even fancier commercialized cities are easily available but to taste the joy of true relaxation, one does not need a spa in a room, but a comfortable rest in nature’s lap. Vacation rentals are the answer and a place like Sonora is the destination. The peaceful and natural ‘gold city’ of Sonora provides the perfect getaway.

The reason this city is called the ‘gold city’ is linked to the origin and establishment of this place. In the beginning, Sonora was only famous for the gold mines that it had and this is what attracted the crowd most. But with the bustling lust for gold came an overpowering labor force to work in the mines and this led to the establishment of the city of Sonora.

Sonora CA Vacation Rentals
Sonora CA Vacation Rentals

This economic town shows a perfect balance between modern development and traditional culture. A walk down its streets will take you back to the 1800’s. The buildings and shops are still maintained in the old style and this adds to the original look of the town.

Another added benefit is that the Yosemite National Park is just seventy miles north of Sonora. Thus, nature, culture and economics, all can be studied well in this mountain hideout.

Although Sonora started off as a gold mine town, today it has become a major tourist spot due to the continuing culture, the surrounding hills and the heritage connected with its history. It is also called “the queen of the southern mines” and for good reason; the entire area in Northern California is dotted with mining cities but Sonora was one of the first to be established, and currently is one of the most well maintained ones.

There is a saying that all good things in life come for a price so it’s fairly safe to assume that a vacation in an exciting location like Sonora would come at a heavy price; this is where the only catch comes in. Don’t be alarmed by the word ‘catch’ here, as it has been used to express joy and not sorrow. Vacation rentals are the answer to all high costing hotels.

The concept is very simple and quite profitable, both for the property owner as well as the renter. Houses or cabins in the area which are not in use year-round are available for families to rent while on vacation. This way, the idle house becomes a source of income for the owner and the family on vacation gets the full ‘home away from home’ experience.