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Mi Wuk Village Vacation Rentals

Mi Wuk Village Vacation Rentals

When the word ‘vacation’ is uttered, the first thing that comes to mind is a quiet, serene place in the midst of the mountains with a cold breeze flowing; taking your mind off the workload back in the office and tension back at home.

Sounds too good to be true? Not really.

Mi Wuk Village Vacation Rentals
Mi Wuk Village Vacation Rentals

In today’s world finding such a natural and comfortable destination might be a costly affair. With commercialization at its peak, even peace of mind can be a luxury not many can afford. Vacation rentals are definitely the key to alleviating such difficulties. The concept is very easy to understand, legal to apply for and profitable for the renter as well as the property owner.

The entire countryside of the foothills in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is breath taking, but Mi Wuk Village in particular is a mesmerizing site.

As the name suggests, Mi Wuk Village was the heart of the Mi Wuk Indians inhabitation site. The natural aura that it provides with its huge forest cover and healthy wildlife is truly worth experiencing.

The Mi Wuk Village is surrounded by the Stanislaus National Forest and is an easy drive, of only a couple of hours, away from Yosemite National Park. Just the thought of it feels like a direct invitation from nature.

It is global fact that every day forest land amounting to four football fields is cut down to meet the growing need for timber and other forest essentials. In such a situation, it is a wonder that a vacation spot with a national park as well as a national forest can exist.

Mi Wuk Village also has a number of streams and lakes, which make activities like swimming, camping, hiking, fishing etc. a real treat. The Village is a major site for tourists during the summer, with the winter months boasting the frozen lake along with the dynamic forest and wildlife experience.

A place definitely worth visiting while staying in Mi Wuk Village is the Lyons Reservoir and Dam. There a number of good restaurants too including Diamond Jim’s, the Pine Cone Café, Big Daddy’s Smokin’ BBQ, and Andy’s Mountain Grill and Deli.

While planning your trip to this beautiful city, no need to worry about cutting down on costs for adventure activities, as the vacation rentals will already cut down your costs.

Cabins and homes maintained by locals are affordable and available for a weekend, all the way up to an entire month. These are safe, hygienic and affordable as they do not carry a hotel tag and thus do not have to expend on heavy maintenance all year round. There is no compromise when it comes to safety and comfort standards, and hygiene is a top priority.

Vacation homes have become so popular that the options and information available online is really overwhelming. When you stay in Mi Wuk Village, every attempt is made to make you feel like it’s a home away from home.