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Royal Flush Crapper Derby in Twain Harte

This years Royal Flush Crapper. June 2nd, 2018

Download the official 2018 Rules.
Minimum Weight : 200 pounds — Without Driver
Entry Fee $50, Deadline is 12 a. Friday June 1st. Only 36 spaces available in the pits.

Chairman Terry Northcutt (209) 481-5790
Chairman Jeannie Frankenstein (209) 352-1753



On June 3, 2017, the town of Twain Harte came out for the 4th Annual Royal Flush Crapper Derby.  It was an exciting day of arts, crafts, food, beer, wine, and the main event – the port-a-potty races.  The event ran from 9:00am to 4:00pm.

Twain Harte wanted to create an event that would bring people back to the town with “more trees than people.” Terry Northcutt from the Twain Harte Rotary said, “We wanted to do something completely different. No poker race or golf tournament. We knew there could be very little more original, unique and fun than to hold outhouse races. And the result? Last year, 12 teams participated and the crowds were enthusiastic and we knew we had ourselves an annual event.”  This year was my first year going and I can definitely say it was original, unique, and fun!

The day started with a parade of all the different port-a-potties.  Some of my favorite port-a-potties were the Dun Fu Warrior; the Poopstream, a real crappy version of the Airstream; the Smiley Face port-a-potty, from crappy to happy in one smooth move; the Holy Crapper; and Hershey Squirt.   There were probably about 15-20 crappers total.   Every port-a-potty had a theme, and some of the racers were dressed in their port-a-potty theme as well!

Also in the morning, Boy Scout Troop 500 also hosted a pancake breakfast in front of the Cal Fire Station.  There was food, beer, and wine available for purchase throughout the event.  There was also a small craft fair of locally produced arts and craft available for sale.  We picked up some homemade jams and pickled jalapenos.

There were strict rules for the entries of each port-a-potty.  Each port-a-potty had to weigh at least 200 pounds and be 6 feet from the ground to the highest point on the main body; it must have had a completely enclosed operating door; it had to contain a toilet seat, a roll of toilet paper, and be a functional outhouse; and cannot have a motor.  Though they were functional, I didn’t see anyone use their outhouse as an actual outhouse….thank goodness!

The race and event was held in the parking lot of Eproson Park, right next to downtown.  Chairs lined one side of the racing track while the port-a-potties lined up on the other.  Team were made up of friends, local businesses, and families.  One team member sat on the “toilet” and the other two team members ran as fast as they could down the track to beat the other port-a-potty in their heat.  Two port-a-potties raced at a time and then they took the fastest time between the two racers to determine who would make it to the elimination rounds.  The most popular style was your traditional outhouse, but the more sleek styles were the ones that actually won probably because they were way more aerodynamic.

In between races, they also had some events for the kids.  Kids could compete by pushing stuffed animals in chairs down the raceway.  They also had a toilet plunger toss and other ‘potty’ games.

If you’re thinking about getting a team together for next year’s Annual Royal Flush Crapper Derby, here are the details from last year.  The entry fee is usually $50.  Three people make up one team (one person to sit on the toilet and the other two to push).  The port-a-potty can contain a company logo.  The last day to register is usually the day before the event, but there are only 36 slots available.  Not only is the event super fun, but you can also get advertising for your business, and the first place winner will receive paid entry to the World’s Outhouse Finals!  The location of the Finals changes every year.

Though there is no date listed for next year (2018), I highly recommend making the trip up to Twain Harte for the 5th Annual Royal Flush Crapper Derby. They should announce more information beginning in January.  They always have a Facebook event page.

For more information check out the Twain Harte Rotary Association at http://www.twainharterotary.com

Check out the Facebook Page for the 4th Annual Royal Flush Crapper Derby