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Everything You Need to Know About Indigeny Reserve


Everything You Need to Know About Indigeny Reserve

If you’re on vacation in Sonora, California, you need to check out Indigeny Reserve, a sprawling, beautiful ciderworks. Using the best apples in the world. Indigeny makes some truly spectacular cider. Here’s everything you need to know about the place.

Are you considering planning a vacation to Senora, California?

Indigeny Reserve
Indigeny Reserve

While most people flee to California for the wine tours and the surf, we’ve uncovered a whole new reason to visit California.

Indigeny Reserve is a sprawling 150-acre apple orchard set in the hills of Sonora, California. The orchard produces hand-crafted cider and apple brandy in Oak Barrels. Open to the public since 2013, Indigeny Reserve is an apple orchard unlike any other.

Whether you’re passionate about quality cider or just looking to enjoy the surrounding nature, Indigeny Reserve makes for the perfect day trip to Sonora.

Coming to Senora, you can rest assured that the cider will satisfy your soul and the scenery will steal your heart. Before planning your visit, read on the discover everything you need to know about Indigeny Reserve.

The Property

Picture this: acres upon acres of lush apple orchards complete with tree-lined paths and breathtaking hills. On a hot Saturday morning, it truly feels as though there’s no better place to be.

The 160 acres of apple orchards is proud to boast organic certification -a process that took almost 3 years to achieve. The orchard features 20,000 Granny Smiths, 400 Red Romes, and 7000 Honeycrisps.

So, you guessed it, that cider is as fresh as can be.

In addition to the orchard itself, the land has also been developed into a tasting room, a cidery, a distillery and an impressive gift shop.

After a tasting, visitors can lace up their hiking boots and hit the trails for a hike. After all, Indigeny Reserve is home to two mile-and-a-half hiking trails. If you get lucky, you just might even take the path that leads to the Pheonix Lake viewpoint.

No trip to Indigeny Reserve is complete without a camera. Sure, we might be biased. But we encourage you to see for yourself!

Meet the Owners

With Indigeny Reserve, it’s safe to say that it’s a family affair!

One of the most endearing elements of Indigeny Reserve is the strong family ties that are so present from beginning to end. To visitors, it’s clear that every inch of the property is cared for and maintained with the love that only a family business can achieve.

Jay and Judy Watson are the co-owners of Indigeny Reserve and their two sons are also involved. Joe is the Orchard Manager, Cider Maker, and Chief Lab Technician. Their other son, Ben, is the Facilities Engineer and has designed specialty equipment that has helps to minimize operating costs.

Together, the family operates the orchard while also focusing on sustainable living concepts, arranging speakers and encouraging local talent to perform on the property.

Hard Cider and Organic Brandy

If cider is your go-to hot weather drink, you’re going to want to make a point in coming here.

At Indigeny Reserve, the family-run business ensures that each cider and brandy is made with the best quality ingredients. To start, the crisp and refreshing cider is gluten-free and the brandy is organic. It’s also safe to report that both products are made with love and sustainably produced.

Here, visitors can rest assured that each batch of cider and brandy are carefully prepared and the result of high-quality and local ingredients.

Interested in seeing how it works? Check out the process in action!

The Tasting Bar

Surely one of the best parts of visiting Indigeny Reserve has to be the tasting room.

After all, this is where visitors get to sample the many different drinks and flavors that are produced on the grounds they stand on. If this isn’t farm-to-table, we’re not sure what is!

For those 21 and older, a number of ciders are available for tasting as well as a new line of infused vodkas. These vodkas are all triple distilled and are soon to earn their spot in local supermarkets.

After a long hike, the crisp taste of cider might be just what the heart and soul long for!

The Gift Shop

One of the main attractions of Indigeny Reserve happens to be the gift shop.

While this is where visitors may purchase ciders to take home, it’s also home to a wonderful array of unique gifts and artwork.

This is anything from locally produced honey to olive oils, to hand-built ceramics and handmade jewelry. And, because there is such a large focus on family at Indigeny Reserve, much of the items are hand-crafted by family members.

Before you plan your visit, see for yourself some of the items available at the Indigeny Reserve gift shop.

Plan a Visit!

If you’re looking for something that is fun for the entire family, it’s safe to say you’ve found what you’re looking for. After all, with nearly 70 “5-star” reviews on Tripadvisor, the reviews certainly do not lie.

The Indigeny Reserve Orchard is open to visitors seven days a week. Official tours only operate on weekends and are perfect for a family outing, a bachelor/bachelorette party or a date.

Visitors may come to tour the orchard and sample the hard ciders, vodkas, and brandy. Visitors can even bring a picnic lunch to truly enjoy the surrounds of the orchard.

Not sure when to plan your visit? View the calendar and events page to see what the orchard has planned!

If you’re coming from out-of-town, be sure to check out the local Senora hotspots for overnight stays.

It’s Time to Visit Indigeny Reserve

If you’re considering visiting California, why not visit the picturesque town of Sonora?

Here in Sonora, you can treat yourself to visiting the beautiful Indigeny Reserve and witnessing first-hand the beauty of the orchards.

For Cider lovers, help yourself to an array of tasty samples. From here, you’ll be able to understand why Indigeny Reserve produces some of the best quality cider and apple brandy in the country.

For nature lovers, surround yourself in the depths of the gorgeous orchard and lace up your boots for a Pheonix Lake inspired hike.

So, what are you waiting for? If you find yourself in Senora, you’ve got to try this place. You’ll be glad you did.

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