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Annual Poison Oak Show in Columbia California

Saturday September 24 is the date for the 29th Annual Poison Oak Show. This is where competitors showcase their selections of poison oak just like a normal flower show. You can show off your best poison oak rash, or your baking skills involving poison oak. I didn’t know this existed either, but it sounds kind of cool; seeing how poison oak is incorporated into different arrangements. The competitors are judged on different categories such as best arrangement of poison oak, most original poison oak dish (with recipe), best photograph of poison oak, best photograph of poison oak rash (or in person). Come see for yourself if this is real or not.

Annual Poison Oak Show in Columbia California
Annual Poison Oak Show in Columbia California

The 29th Annual Poison Oak Show is sponsored by the St. Charles Saloon and is taking place also at the St. Charles Saloon. For more information please call (209) 533-4656. For directions to the Annual Poison Oak Show from all over California, please visit:


The address is 11255 Jackson Street, Columbia, CA 93210.

11 categories to compete in:

Class 1: Best arrangement of poison oak.
Class 2: Best arrangement of poison oak and another plant.
Class 3: Best arrangement of poison oak and inanimate object.
Class 4: Most potent looking GREEN leaves.
Class 5: Most potent looking RED leaves.
Class 6: Biggest single Leaf.
Class 7: Best poison oak accessory or jewelry.
Class 8: Most original poison oak dish (recipe included).
Class 9: Biggest poison oak branch or trunk.
Class 10: Best Photo of poison oak.
Class 11: Best photo of poison oak rash (or in person?).