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Free Wine Tasting at the Twain Harte Market

A weekend evening in Twain Harte wouldn’t be complete without a glass of wine out on the deck, but what if you don’t know what you want to drink?  Perhaps you want to try a new fruity moscato for a hot night, or light pinot noir for a cooler evening?  Look no further than the local grocery store: Twain Harte Market conveniently located about one mile from Fun Cabin Rentals.

Free Wine Tasting @ Twain Harte Market
Free Wine Tasting @ Twain Harte Market

Every Saturday from 2:00pm to 4:00om, Twain Harte Market does free wine tasting.  You can find it at the very front of the store right next to miscellaneous items.  You can get three free samples of the featured wine.  They usually stick to the same winery and I’ve found the prices generally range from about $15-$30/bottle.  A few weeks ago, I picked up a bottle of the Robert Hall Orange Muscat from Paso Robles after tasting a few wines from the same Robert Hall winery.  I highly recommend it – it is very fruity, but with crisp acidity to balance it out.  It’s something that definitely went well with the warm weekend.

You can find a list of the samples in advance on the Twain Harte Market website.   However, sometimes they don’t always keep the website updated so you can always call ahead to see if they are doing it on selected Saturdays, or you can just go to Twain Harte Market anyway and if you get lucky, you get lucky.

Twain Harte Market doesn’t sell hard liquor, but if you do want something a little stronger than beer or wine, Mountain Liquors is right next door to Twain Harte Market.

To get to Twain Harte Market, it’s very easy.  From the main sign in Twain Harte, go up towards the hill on Twain Harte Drive(away from 711), and after about 100 years there will be a left turn onto Tiffeni Drive.

*TIP: If you ever get lost anywhere near Twain Harte and you’re trying to find your way back to the Fun Cabin Rentals Cabin, just put ‘Fun Cabin Rentals’ into Google Maps and it will give you directions back to the cabin!

Twain Harte Market HOURS: Mon-Sat 7am-8pm, Sun 8am-8pm
18711 Tiffeni Dr
Twain Harte, CA