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Twain Harte Weather 95383 And Elevation

Twain Harte Weather 95383
Twain Harte Weather 95383

Twain Harte Annual and Seasonal Weather Patterns

Twain Harte is named for two famous Californian writers (Mark Twain and Bret Harte) and its Twain Harte weather patterns can be divided into two distinct types: warm, arid days with mild nights in summer and very cool weather with snow occurring several times in winter.

This is what makes the area such a highly desirable destination for anyone seeking to escape the long, hot summers experienced in the Sierra Nevada of California. The winter and summer vacation communities flock to Twain Harte’s pleasant transition zone that lies between the oak forests of the Californian foothills and the refreshing pine forests of the Sierra Nevada.

This cozy little Californian town is tucked away in the ideal location. It’s approximately 3,700 feet elevation ensures it is above the heat and smog in the San Joaquin Valley but low down enough from the mountains to have a Christmas card sprinkling of snow when winter starts.

Twain Harte Places of Interest

Situated in Tuolumne County at an elevation of 3,640 feet (1,110m) above sea level, along highway 108, Twain Harte is a census-designated place with the zip code 95383. It is home to the Twain Harte Village shopping center, which services the shopping needs for every visitor and local resident.

The local golf course at the Twain Harte Golf Club was designed by Clark Glasson. It is very popular in the spring and summer months for providing sensational views, not simply a round of golf.

The Twain Harte Lake is actually man-made, even though it looks as if Mother Nature designed it in a particularly good mood. It is a sparkling jewel in the warmer months and picture-postcard perfect in winter.

Twain Harte in Spring (March-May)

Springtime in Twain Harte is a glorious season of renewal and wonder. Greenery bursts out of the ground with fresh foliage bedecking the trees. The air has a particularly clean, fresh crispness with the added bonus of plant and animal life stirring in the forests.

Winter can still sometimes make the last effort to hold on with the occasional cold snap. These fluctuations become less frequent as spring progresses. The Weather in Twain Harte can be cool and crisp at the beginning of spring day in March and then end with snowfall. Warm, sunny days become more and more frequent as the season marches on.

Twain Harte Weather in Summer (June – Mid-September)

For residents and visitors alike, Twain Harte in summer is as close to perfection as any weather can be. For many decades, this wonderful balmy season has been celebrated by the annual “Hot Fun in the Summertime” festival.

The popular event hosts the cream of the arts and crafts from the surrounding areas. Some of the wares for sale include wildlife paintings, landscape photography, wood and metal carvings, stained glass and fine jewelry.

Taking full advantage of the clear blue sky weather at the event are wine tasting booths, gourmet foods, and live entertainment.

It is a testimony to Twain Harte’s heavenly sunny skies that the “Hot Fun in the Summertime” event has been able to take place regularly every year and has never been canceled because of rain or other inclement weather conditions.

Other popular summer pastimes to be had in Twain Harte are swimming at the public pool, playing golf and miniature golf, hiking and taking advantage of the open-air sections in restaurants.

Half an hour’s drive to the east brings the traveler to Pinecrest where there is boating, fishing, and splashing in the lake’s cool waters. The miles of trails provide walks and hikes for the keen hiker right through to the person simply wanting an amble under the piney tree boughs.

The best time of year to visit for Twain Harte warm weather activities is from late June through to early September.

Twain Harte in the Fall (Mid-September – November)

The produce that hits the market shelves in the local grocery store in the Fall is a scrumptious bounty of everything the area has grown through the year. The huge range of cheeses, wines, and organic foods provide a more extensive selection than most big city stores can boast. A hearty meal while watching the rain fall outside is an enjoyable way to spend any day.

This is ideal as the weather that starts out mild and warm in September (28 to 17℃)  plummets over the next two months to become very wintry (15 to 7℃). This gives everyone the chance to sit indoors at any opportunity and enjoy the outstanding local foods.

Another way to spend a chilly October day is to take the chance to view the surprisingly excellent collections on show at the local art galleries and museums.

Twain Harte Weather in Winter (December – Early March)

The town and its surrounds become coated by a sprinkling of pristine, peaceful snow usually from December to February. Winters in the area are cold, wet and cloudy and only begin to warm up properly from the start of April.

Anyone with children should take advantage of this time to book skiing and snowboarding lesson for the kids at Dodge Ridge. These are especially worthwhile in both price and fun factor.

At no time does the snowfall inhibit accessibility around town. It is always beautiful but never bothersome. The nights have mostly clear skies which offer some of the most stunning star watching opportunities in California.


These are the reasons why Twain Harte is one of the most popular “all-year-round” vacation destinations with people flocking to spend time here every day of the year. The wholesome air, welcoming weather, and pleasant pastimes have the best word-of-mouth from every happy visitor.

Most importantly, it is a place where it is just as nice to sit quietly doing nothing or get busy exploring the area’s many fun activities. What makes it suitable for all age groups are the attractions within a comfortable walk, hike or drive. It is always easy to return back to one’s accommodation, looking forward to a satisfying meal and a good night’s rest, before the next day dawns brightly.

Twain Harte Elevation: 3,800

Average Twain Harte Weather by Month.

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