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Rosalinda’s Gentlemen’s Club – Exotic Dancers In Jamestown / Sonora California Girls Girls Girls

A fairly unassuming place near the Tullock Lake turn off on Highway 108, Rosalinda’s Gentlemen’s Club is located at 14450 State Highway 108 in Jamestown, CA 95327 and is open Thursdays through Sundays from 4:00pm to 2:00am; they can be reached at (209) 984-4637.

Rosalinda’s Gentlemen’s Club - Exotic Dancers In Jamestown / Sonora California

Rosalinda’s Gentlemen’s Club – Exotic Dancers In Jamestown / Sonora California

For only a $10 cover charge you’ll enjoy topless girls, beer, wine, food, and even free pool. Plus Rosa’s Nightclub Answers Motel  is just feet away. Party the night away at the club then walk to your motel room – you can’t get much more convenient than that. So enjoy the Strip Clubs in Sonora California!

If you feel like you’ve been there before, you may very well have. From what I can tell, there have been several owners of Rosalinda’s Gentlemen’s Club over the years, as well as a couple other names:

Winkin’ Lantern Bar & Motel
Girls Girls Girls Sonora
Rosalindas sonora
Girls Girls Girls Jamestown

Some people think it’s located in Sonora, others Jamestown… Either way it’s right by the turnoff for Lake Tulloch on the way to Copperopolis, CA. Other zip codes are 95370 and 95373.

If you’ve never gone to a place like Rosalinda’s Gentlemen’s Club and aren’t really sure of the proper conduct, don’t worry – AskMen.com tells you How To: Behave In Strip Clubs in Jamestown, CA. Here is just a snippet…..

Like any other place, strip clubs have a code of conduct; some is written, some not.

Tip the bouncer
Upon entering, you should always slide dollars to the bouncer, especially if there is no cover charge. Not only will it turn the bouncer into a friend for life (okay, maybe for five minutes), but it will go a long way in getting you good seats…

Dress appropriately
While most gentlemen’s clubs don’t have dress codes, make sure to look your best. If anything, the dancers will be more attentive. However, should you visit seedy clubs…you shouldn’t wear your nicest Armani three-piece. These kinds of bars are usually frequented by close-knit bands of locals, and looking like an outsider can bring on trouble…..

Finish the article at AskMen.com

Have a great time at Rosalinda’s Gentlemen’s Club in Jamestown, CA and remember to party responsibly!

New dancers wanted. Taking applications.

March 13, 2018 – Someone set fire to the hotel. Appears to be a total loss. Park of the bar & club had fire damage as well.

March 1, 2018 – 10 people were taken to Tuolumne County Jail following a raid at Rosalinda’s Gentlemen’s Club on Highway 108. The owner, Rosalinda Aponte Sanmartin (78 years old), is facing felony charges of maintaining and operating a drug house. Sanmartin’s daughter, Marlinda Beth Russo (47 years old) arrived at the scene and was arrested for operating a drug house. They police have had over 50 calls in 2017 and nearly 200 calls generated over the past five years. The sheriff’s office reports some were related to serious crimes including a stabbing and alleged rape.

Dan Butler, code compliance investigator with Tuolumne County Community Resources Agency, Tuolumne County Sheriff deputy Chris Passeau (left), & Tuolumne County fire inspector Caleb Flanagan (center) taped a notice to a side door of Rosalinda’s Gentlemen’s Club ordering it condemned. PG&E was at Rosalina’s Night Club and Motel Friday afternoon to disconnect power to the transformer that feed Rosalinda’s Night Club and Motel.

Other arrests:

Sabrina Carol Wood, DOB 12/28/90, arrested for felony Stanislaus County warrant and fresh felony drug charges

Mildred Lucille Kessler, DOB 12/13/63, arrested for misd. Tuolumne County warrant

Daniel Joel Callahan, DOB 4/30/91 arrested for 2 felony and 1 misd. Stanislaus County warrant

Michael Laszlo Streib, DOB 11/18/63 arrested for misd. Tuolumne County warrant

Beatrice Lee Ramos, DOB 8/12/69 arrested for misd. Rancho Cucamonga warrant

Jaime Christine Wilcox, DOB 8/15/76 arrested for fresh misd. and felony drug charges

Breanna Noel Gallegos, DOB 12/29/95 arrested for fresh misd. drug charges

Raymond Jeffrey Bowman, DOB 11/11/62 arrested for fresh misd. and felony drug charges

Richard Lewis Bennett, DOB 4/6/64 arrested for fresh misd. drug charges

Tanisha Flaherty, 29 of Modesto, was arrested at Rosalinda Gentleman’s Club – 2013

Stephen Frederick, 37, of Oakdale; and Nicolet Schmidt, 28 – 2013


  1. Lucy
    Lucy 28 Feb at 8:49 AM

    Anyone who has seen the place on the outside knows it is a complete dive. What a raunchy looking place for the scumbags to hang out in. Hang out with trash and you will get picked up by the garbage man. And the hotel looks like a bed bug haven. Just saying. Enter at your own risk!

    1. monkey
      monkey 18 Dec at 1:36 PM

      looks can be deceiving and if you haven’t stepped inside you probably couldent afford the cover but it O.K haters keep hating from the outside thank you

    2. Marlinda
      Marlinda 22 Feb at 1:31 PM

      Dear Lucy,

      Stop Hating, That place dont want your ugly butt near there, thanks

  2. firefighter
    firefighter 30 Aug at 3:11 AM

    awesome! great time the girls were very pretty and nice…especially kelli……

    Quail hallow…44c

  3. monkey
    monkey 18 Dec at 1:43 PM

    We have some of the hottest parties in the county this place is down to earth and inviting not to mention the hottest girls around if your looking for a good time that you will never forget come hang out with the coolest dancers and bartenders you will ever meet and have the time of your life!!!!!!

  4. Hannah
    Hannah 2 Mar at 3:42 PM

    Monkey the bouncer is super nice! The girls were super got and clean cut! Not scummy at all, it just looks that way from the outside a bit… I had a blast!

  5. Jena-Jean
    Jena-Jean 28 Jun at 11:28 PM

    How old do you have to be to work here as a dancer?

  6. Holly clark
    Holly clark 17 Jul at 1:42 AM

    My cousins name is Jayne castro says she on knows the owner and you guys need girls? I would like to look into that

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