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Lake McClure and Lake McSwain In California

Lake McClure and Lake McSwain are located in Mariposa County, just south of Yosemite in Northern California. Situated in the Sierra Nevada Foothills, Lake McClure and Lake McSwain are the ideal spot for close-to-home family fun. They are just a few hours from the bay area and even closer from the Sacramento area. They are owned and operated by Merced Irrigation District and they do a fantastic job keeping up the recreation area. They have five recreation areas to participate in as many fun activities as you want. Such activities include: Houseboating, RV Camping, Tent Camping, Fishing, Boating, Water Skiing, Watercrafting, Windsurfing, Hang Gliding, Wildlife Viewing, Swimming, Sailing, Picnicking, and Nature walks. Because the average water temperature is around 80 degrees and the temperature in the summer can reach into the 90s and 100s in the summer, Lake McClure and Lake McSwain are especially ideal for water activities.

Both Lakes altitudes range from 400 to 1,000 feet at the recreation levels. Camping is a very popular activity at Lake McClure and Lake McSwain. These two sites have 600 camping sites that have picnic tables barbeque grills, restroom facilities with hot showers, free sanitary dump stations, and some have laundry facilities. Some also have RV hook ups. Generally if you request a reservation 2 weeks in advance, you will get the site you want. There is a 6 dollar non-refundable reservation fee and daily charges.

There are five major recreation areas at Lakes McClure and McSwain: Lake McSwain, McClure Point, Barrett Cove, Horseshoe Bend and Bagby. Fishing is a popular venture at the Lakes partly because of the trout, king salmon and Florida largemouth bass stocking programs. In addition, rainbow trout, black bass, spotted bass, bluegill, crappie, catfish, salmon and shad are some more fish that swim in these lakes.

In addition to fishing, boating is very popular on Lake McClure and Lake McSwain. On Barrett Cove Marina, ski boats, houseboat, patio boat rentals are available for rent as well as 89 water-electric hookups. Lake McClure also has large concrete boat ramps, boarding floats, comfort stations, fish cleaning facilities, and a lot of parking. This are also features a grocery and convenient store. The number for Barrett Cove is 209-378-2611. Reservations are 800-468-8889 only from 8am to 2pm Tuesday through Friday. For Barrett Cove Marina/Houseboat Rentals, call 209-378-2441.

You may also launch your boat from Lake McSwain. The only thing Lake McClure has that Lake Mcswain does not have is houseboat rentals and moorings. The same goes with the other recreation area, Horseshoe bend. Horseshoe bend is located three miles off highway 132. Bagby is also similar and is located fifteen miles from Mariposa. Other than that, they are all just as nice and well-kept.

McClure Point, another recreation area overlooks the largest span of Lake McClure.

The website includes so much more information and contact information for your favorite spots. Please look on their website at http://www.lakemcclure.com/. The Virtual Vacation section includes picture of the spectacular lake McClure and Lake McSwain.

Lake McClure
Lake McClure