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Curves Of Twain Harte – Gyms In Twain Harte California

Are you a woman looking to get in the best shape of your life? Try Curves in Twain Harte. Call now for your free consultation. They have circuit training and cardio to match all your fitness needs.

If you need to get in contact with someone, contact Mary Heinen at (209) 586-5879.

Curves Of Twain Harte - Gyms In Twain Harte California
Curves Of Twain Harte – Gyms In Twain Harte California

They have some offers going on now. One is a free consultation at your first visit.  What is really cool about Curves is they are involved in the community. Every March they sponsor the Curves Food Drive. If you join in March and donate a bag of food, Curves in Twain Harte will waive the sign up fee.

Curves Twain Harte
22709 Twain Harte Drive
Twain Harte, Ca 95383
Phone/Fax   209-586-5878

Monday & Wednesday
7:30 AM to 1 PM
3:30 PM to 7 PM

Tuesday & Thursday
8 AM to 1 PM
3:30 PM to 7 PM

7:30 AM to 1 PM
3:30 PM to 6 PM

9 AM to 12PM

From Mary’s Site:

Your Curves Will AMAZE You!
At Curves, we’ve known for a long time that we’re all stronger when we work together. With a supportive environment that gives you a complete cardio and strength-training workout in just 30 minutes, you can burn up to 500 calories at every workout. Whether you want to lose weight and inches, gain energy or tone up, you’re sure to reach your fitness goals. We feature the exciting Zumba cardio fitness combined with the Curves strength training circuit every Thursday!

We have the Curves Circuit with Zumba every Thursday!
Get your shimmy on!

Each year, millions of women suffer needlessly from preventable disease. Together, we can change this. We can live years longer and enjoy life even more if we take small steps every day toward health.

And it all starts with you. By making your own health a priority, you become a strong link in the chain and have the power to affect those around you. So share your strength with a woman in your life. Encourage her. Pass along something you’ve learned or share a success you’ve had. Help her become healthier and gain confidence. She’ll feel better and live better, which will positively affect everyone around her. And then, she can share her strength…

Together, we will make this world one million women stronger.

Our Curves Circuit with Zumba classes are held every Thursday at 11am and 5:30pm.